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Premix 9700 – Mixing valve

9700 - Blandningsventil

PREMIX 9700 is a thermostatically controlled mixing valve for dwelling houses, residential blocks, schools and industries, etc. Premix 9700 could also be used as a central mixer valve in public baths. Another area where Premix 9700 is very useful is as a safety mixer in district heating systems. The Premix 9700 is a modern mixing valve with an extreme high mixing capacity. The valve can be adapted with three different thermostats to cover a specific interval: +45°C – +65°C, +30°C – +45°C, and +15°C – +35°C.

The valve could be installed both horizontal and vertical. Adjustment of the temperature is made through the adjustment screw, located on the top of the valve. One turn represents approx 5°C. When the valve is delivered from the factory the temperature is preset to approx 55°C, 40°C and 25°C.

Maximum working pressure is PN 10.
Maximum working temperature is 60-90°C.
The valve is available in 2 different sizes: 3/4″ (DN20),  1″ (DN25).
Premix 9700 is delivered with solder fittings

Interval 45-65°C
DN20 RSK 492 4255
DN25 RSK 492 4256
Interval 30-45°C
DN20 RSK 492 4257
DN25 RSK 492 4258
Interval 15-35°C
DN20 RSK 492 4259
DN25 RSK 492 4260